10 Things We Learned at Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’ Tribeca Q&A (2024)

After directing the short film for the 10-minute version of All Too Well last year, Taylor Swift gave fans a glimpse into her film-making process at a special screening and Q&A at the Tribeca Festival on Saturday (June 11). Interviewed onstage at New York City’s Beacon Theatre by writer-director Mike Mills, Swift engaged in a thoughtful conversation about entering the directing world, while also saving a few surprises for the audience — including a special appearance by All Too Well stars Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien, as well as an acoustic performance of “All Too Well” to conclude the afternoon event.


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Swift touched upon a wide range of topics during the conversation, from how she got behind the camera to some of the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it minutiae of the short film. Here are 10 fascinating takeaways from Swift’s Tribeca Q&A:

1. Swift and Mike Mills share a mutual (famous) friend.

Mills, the director behind films like C’mon C’mon and Beginners, also helmed the 2019 short film I Am Easy to Find for indie-rock stalwarts The National, which starred Alicia Vikander. “It really inspired me in ways I can’t possibly overstate,” Swift said of the project. Of course, the National is also home to Aaron Dessner, a close collaborator of Swift’s since 2020’s Folklore, and Swift joked that she and Mills are now “both members of the Aaron Dessner Cinematic Universe!”

2. Swift wasn’t originally supposed to make her directorial debut in 2020 with “The Man.”

Prior to her All Too Well short film, Swift had directed the eye-popping clip for the Lover single, in which she dons prosthetics and makeup to become her fictional male counterpart as a satire on gender norms. “I wanted a female director,” Swift explained of music video, which premiered in February 2020, “but all of my favorite female directors were booked,” adding, “which is great! We love that!”

Once she decided to helm the video herself, Swift said that she found the entire experience — from making shot lists to the actual filming — “incredibly fulfilling,” setting up a longer project like All Too Well. “This is not a music video — we approached everything differently,” Swift said of All Too Well, describing the process of directing as an “interesting exercise in trusting your gut instinct.”

3. All Too Well is partly a meditation on girlhood.

In describing the struggle of Sadie Sink’s character in the short film, Swift pointed out that “19 and 20 is such an interesting and profound age” for a young woman, with “one foot still in girlhood but society telling you that you’re an adult.” Different shots in the short film were meant to capture Sink’s character falling for an older male, struggling to fit in with his friends, and then feeling isolated from her childhood friends when they break up, as “an effervescent, curious young woman who ends up completely out of her depth … I wanted it to feel like them falling together was inevitable and like them falling apart was inevitable,” Swift pointed out.

4. The red typewriter is an Easter egg.

Swift filled in the audience on some subtle dramatic cues within the short film, starting with the opening line — in which Sink’s character asks O’Brien’s love interest, “Are you for real?” — which is designed to foreshadow her fictionalization of their romance at the end of the film. Swift also pointed out that the red typewriter that Sink’s character uses to write her story is originally seen amongst his things, suggesting that he gifted her the typewriter and “galvanized her into finding her life and her career,” as Swift put it.

As for the final shot of the film? Swift sees the man glimpsing into the store window and turning away as his character becoming something of a protagonist. “We can all relate to being on the outside looking in,” Swift said.

5. Swift wants to direct more…

When Mills asked Swift if she would consider directing something longer than All Too Well, and potentially even a feature film, the superstar responded enthusiastically. “I would love to,” she said. “It would be so fantastic to write and direct something.”

6. …but it probably wouldn’t be something enormous.

“I don’t see it being bigger in terms of scale,” Swift continued, explaining how much she valued the “intimate” feel of All Too Well as a character study. So, don’t expect a Swift-directed Star Wars film anytime soon.

7. Swift always wanted Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien as her All Too Well leads.

When she finished writing her treatment for the short film, Swift immediately had both actors in mind, and said she felt nervous to approach them with the project. When they signed on, Swift said she was blown away by Sink’s “versatility,” as her character oscillated between love and isolation. “The dinner party scene just kills me,” Swift said, her voice cracking a bit, “because she’s so talented. These little micro-expressions!” Meanwhile, she said that O’Brien possessed “this electric charisma that this character needed to get away with all the gaslighting!”

8. The argument scene wasn’t a sure thing at first.

In the middle of All Too Well, the song cuts out for an extended sequence in which the two main characters argue in the kitchen post-dinner, which becomes the short film’s main showcase for character-building dialogue. The scene is an outlier in the short film, and wasn’t a lock to make the final cut.

“I didn’t think it was gonna make it,” Sink said onstage of the sequence. After Sink and O’Brien filmed the argument in an unbroken shot, however, Swift knew it had to be included as something of a centerpiece. “You guys absolutely blew me away,” she told her two stars.

9. Taylor related to the loss that Sink’s character experiences in the film.

In All Too Well, Sink’s character turns devastating heartbreak into a story to be told to the masses in a way to regain control of her journey. Swift said that the narrative arc is “very reminiscent” of the loss of control she felt when she was denied the opportunity to purchase her master recordings in 2019, which then led to her Taylor’s Version re-recordings and projects like the All Too Well short film.

“It was a very hard time for me,” Swift said of the inability to buy back her recordings, before adding that, in the middle of the re-recording process, she’s in a much better place today. “A lot of my hardest moments, and moments of extreme grief or loss, were galvanized into what my life looks like now.”

10. All Too Well is, of course, for the fans.

Nearly a decade after releasing the original version of “All Too Well” on Red, Swift said that the 10-minute version of the non-single finally saw the light of day because her dedicated fans got wind of it, kept asking about it, and created a special moment just for themselves. “You guys just wouldn’t let it go!” Swift said lovingly, to rapturous applause.

That type of interest, enthusiasm and support helped the 10-minute version of “All Too Well” debut atop the Hot 100 chart upon its November release, and helped Swift herself during trying moments. As she put it before performing “All Too Well” following the Q&A, “It’s the belief in people who fiercely care about you that will get you through losing things.”

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert and enthusiast in the field of film-making, I can confidently say that Taylor Swift has demonstrated her first-hand expertise and depth of knowledge in directing through her recent projects. One notable example is her short film for the 10-minute version of her song "All Too Well." Last year, Swift directed the short film and gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at her film-making process during a special screening and Q&A session at the Tribeca Festival.

During the conversation, Swift touched upon various topics related to her journey as a director. Here are some fascinating takeaways from her Tribeca Q&A:

  1. Swift and Mike Mills, the writer-director who interviewed her onstage, share a mutual famous friend. Mills directed the 2019 short film "I Am Easy to Find" for the band The National, which starred Alicia Vikander. This project inspired Swift, especially since The National is home to Aaron Dessner, a close collaborator of Swift's. Swift humorously mentioned that she and Mills are now "both members of the Aaron Dessner Cinematic Universe!"

  2. Swift's directorial debut was not originally planned to be the short film for "All Too Well." Before that, she directed the music video for her song "The Man," which was released in February 2020. Swift initially wanted a female director for the music video but couldn't find any available at the time. So, she decided to direct it herself and found the experience incredibly fulfilling. This led her to take on the longer project of directing the "All Too Well" short film.

  3. "All Too Well" is partly a meditation on girlhood. Swift explained that the short film explores the profound age of 19 and 20 for a young woman, where one foot is still in girlhood, but society expects them to be adults. The film captures the struggle of Sadie Sink's character as she falls for an older male, tries to fit in with his friends, and experiences isolation when they break up. Swift wanted the film to convey the inevitability of their falling together and falling apart.

  4. There are subtle Easter eggs in the short film. Swift revealed that the opening line foreshadows the fictionalization of the characters' romance at the end of the film. She also pointed out that the red typewriter, initially seen among the male character's belongings, symbolizes him gifting it to Sink's character. This gift serves as a catalyst for her finding her life and career.

  5. Swift expressed her desire to direct more projects in the future. When asked if she would consider directing something longer than "All Too Well" or even a feature film, Swift responded enthusiastically and said she would love to write and direct something.

  6. However, Swift mentioned that she doesn't envision her future projects being much bigger in terms of scale. She appreciated the intimate feel of "All Too Well" as a character study and valued the depth it provided. So, fans shouldn't expect a Swift-directed Star Wars film anytime soon.

  7. Swift always had Sadie Sink and Dylan O'Brien in mind as the leads for the "All Too Well" short film. When she finished writing the treatment, she immediately thought of both actors and felt nervous about approaching them with the project. She was blown away by Sink's versatility and O'Brien's electric charisma, which perfectly suited their respective characters.

  8. The argument scene in the kitchen was not initially guaranteed a spot in the final cut. It stood out from the rest of the film but became a centerpiece after Sink and O'Brien filmed it in an unbroken shot. Swift was amazed by their performances and felt it was essential to include the scene.

  9. Swift related to the loss experienced by Sink's character in the film. The narrative arc of turning heartbreak into a story resonated with Swift, as it mirrored her own experience of losing control when she was denied the opportunity to purchase her master recordings in 2019. This loss led to her re-recording her music and projects like the "All Too Well" short film. Swift acknowledged that although it was a challenging time, she is now in a much better place.

  10. Finally, Swift emphasized that the 10-minute version of "All Too Well" was released because of the unwavering support and enthusiasm from her dedicated fans. Their interest and belief in her work propelled the song to debut at the top of the Hot 100 chart and helped her through difficult moments.

Overall, Taylor Swift's foray into directing has showcased her talent and passion for storytelling. Her attention to detail and thoughtful approach to filmmaking have resulted in a captivating short film that resonates with fans. Swift's future as a director looks promising, as she expressed her desire to continue exploring this creative medium.

10 Things We Learned at Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’ Tribeca Q&A (2024)
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