Rock the Mob Wife Aesthetic With These 21 Fashion Pieces (2024)

2023 fashion trends were marked with simplicity — quiet luxury, cottage core, clean girl aesthetic... I could go on and on. In 2024, we're ditching the streamlined, plain and boring and bringing out our wild side. That's right, it's time to step into your mob wife era.

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The mob wife aesthetic has been taking TikTok by storm, and it's a maximalist's dream. Take it as your sign to break out the fur, loud animal print pants and every leather thing you own. Oh, and don't forget to pile on the gold jewelry. If you're running short on any of these items, don't worry — there are plenty of ritzy pieces that will make your wardrobe more exciting. Swipe on a bold red lip, leave your hair a little messy and slip into some of our mob wife aesthetic fashion picks below, and get ready to have the best night of your life.

Best Mob Wife Aesthetic Outerwear

1. A Little Fur: Channel your inner Carmela Soprano in this luxuriously soft leopard print faux-fur jacket from Omoone. It comes in four different colorways (including snow leopard!) — just $36!

2. A Little Leather:Far from your average leather jacket, this Steve Madden design features a smocked waist to accentuate your hourglass figure. Wear it open with a plain shirt or closed with nothing underneath — just $99!

3. A Little Bit of Both: Why choose between leather and fur when you can have both? The combination of the two on this Gran Oriente faux-leather jacket makes for the ultimate mob wife coat — just $75!

4. Breakout Pattern:If you think all fur coats look the same, let me introduce you to the Bernardo Grooved Faux Fur Jacket. The unique grooved pattern and pronounced collar make it more interesting than any regular outerwear — just $209!

5. Sexy Trench:This beautifully tailored leather trench coat from Bardot gives the classic tan designs a run for their money — just $199!

6. Lighten Up:You don't just have to wear deep dark colors to embody the mob wife aesthetic. If you prefer to wear a white or tan coat, you'll look just as opulent in this faux-leather and fur Guess number — just $258!

7. Earn Your Stripes: Leopard and cheetah print furs are a dime a dozen. Stand out from all the other mob wife wannabes by donning this cropped zebra print jacket instead — just $29!

Best Mob Wife Aesthetic Clothing

8. Bold and Comfy: If you're ready to commit to the mob wife aesthetic, it's time to ditch your boring black leggings and swap them for these eye-catching tiger print Norma Kamali leggings instead — just $165!

9. Bestseller: Spanx's Faux Leather Leggings have been the brand's top seller long before the mob wife aesthetic was born, in part due to their smoothing capabilities. But I have a feeling they will be even more popular because they fit the trend perfectly — just $98!

10. Roar! When you're a mob wife, there's no such thing as too much animal print. So shimmy on into this bodycon leopard print dress and hit the town — just $24

11. Perfect Fit: Under all of the fur and leather layers, mob wives keep things classy and chic. This Skims bodysuit is both, with a party-ready open back that's sure to turn heads — was $68, now just $48!

12. Better Than Chanel: While Coco Chanel's classic tweed skirt suit created an air of elegance, when worn in a dark color (particularly black) it creates a rebellious edge, which is perfect for the mob wife aesthetic. This affordable style from Verdusa doesn't skimp on quality — just $41!

13. Show a Little Leg: Classy with a twist, this knee-length pencil skirt snaps up the side so you have a little bling and can show some skin – just $64!

14. Your New Favorite Pants: The more leather, the better! These Good American Faux Leather Pants will remain a staple in your closet long after the mob wife aesthetic has faded — just $185!

Best Mob Wife Aesthetic Accessories

15. Hot Croc: You don't need a big name designer back to make a major statement. When you walk into a room with the Brahmin Lorelei Croc Embossed Leather Bag slung over your shoulder, people will know you are that girl — just $145!

16. Walk on the Wild Side: I wouldn't be surprised if mob bosses wearrealcrocodile skins. For the average person, that's a bit extreme, but you can emulate the same vibe when you stomp around in these Chinese Laundry Frankie Croc Embossed Knee High Boots — was $170, now just $100!

17. Dripping in Gold: Go on and don gold everything... not just jewelry. These gladiator style 42 Gold Lava Ankle Tie Sandals are sexy, glamorous and will make you feel so rich — just $150!

18. Options on Options: A signature piece in a mob wife's look: Gold earrings... and lots of 'em. Get the most bang for your buck by purchasing this pack of six hoop styles on Amazon. They're already reasonably priced, but it doesn't hurt that they're on sale too — was $30, now just $13!

5. Matchy Matchy: You can't wear gold earrings without a matching gold necklace! This thick one from Viromy is perfection, darling — just $16!

6. Hater Blockers:No one will mess with you when you walk into the function wearing these big bold sunnies from Fifth & Ninth — just $30!

7. Scarlet Stunner:If the croc-embossed bag didn't speak to you, this bright red Coach purse surely will. It'll be a serious power move to match it with your lipstick — just $350!

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The article you mentioned discusses the fashion trends for 2024, specifically focusing on the "mob wife aesthetic." This trend is characterized by a maximalist style, incorporating elements such as fur, loud animal prints, leather, and gold jewelry. It aims to create a bold and glamorous look reminiscent of the fashion choices associated with mob wives.

Here are some concepts mentioned in the article and information related to them:

Mob Wife Aesthetic Outerwear:

  1. Fur Jackets: The article suggests embracing the mob wife aesthetic by wearing fur jackets. It mentions a leopard print faux-fur jacket from Omoone, a leather jacket from Steve Madden, and a faux-leather jacket with fur accents from Gran Oriente.
  2. Breakout Patterns: The article highlights the Bernardo Grooved Faux Fur Jacket, which features a unique grooved pattern and a pronounced collar.
  3. Trench Coats: Bardot offers a beautifully tailored leather trench coat as an alternative to the classic tan designs.
  4. Lighter Colors: The mob wife aesthetic is not limited to dark colors. The article suggests a white or tan coat, such as the faux-leather and fur Guess coat, to achieve an opulent look.
  5. Unique Prints: Instead of the more common leopard and cheetah prints, the article suggests trying a cropped zebra print jacket for a standout look.

Mob Wife Aesthetic Clothing:

  1. Bold Leggings: Norma Kamali offers eye-catching tiger print leggings as an alternative to plain black leggings.
  2. Faux Leather Leggings: Spanx's Faux Leather Leggings are mentioned as a bestselling item that fits the mob wife aesthetic perfectly.
  3. Animal Print Dresses: The article suggests a bodycon leopard print dress for those who want to embrace the mob wife aesthetic fully.
  4. Classy and Chic: Skims offers a bodysuit with a party-ready open back, combining classiness and chicness.
  5. Tweed Skirt Suits: Verdusa offers an affordable tweed skirt suit that creates a rebellious edge when worn in dark colors, perfect for the mob wife aesthetic.
  6. Pencil Skirts: The article mentions a knee-length pencil skirt with a side snap closure for a touch of bling.
  7. Faux Leather Pants: Good American offers faux leather pants that can remain a staple in your closet even after the mob wife aesthetic fades.

Mob Wife Aesthetic Accessories:

  1. Statement Bags: The Brahmin Lorelei Croc Embossed Leather Bag is mentioned as a statement piece that can make a major impact.
  2. Croc Embossed Boots: Chinese Laundry offers knee-high boots with a croc-embossed pattern for those who want to emulate the mob wife vibe.
  3. Gold Gladiator Sandals: The article suggests wearing gladiator-style ankle tie sandals with a gold finish for a sexy and glamorous look.
  4. Gold Earrings: A mob wife's look often includes gold earrings. The article recommends a pack of six hoop styles available on Amazon.
  5. Gold Necklace: Viromy offers a thick gold necklace that can complement the mob wife aesthetic.
  6. Bold Sunglasses: Fifth & Ninth offers big and bold sunglasses that can make a statement.
  7. Bright Red Purse: The article mentions a bright red Coach purse that can be a power move when paired with matching lipstick.

Please note that the information provided above is based on the search results and snippets available. It's always a good idea to explore further and consult fashion experts or sources for more detailed and up-to-date information on fashion trends.

Rock the Mob Wife Aesthetic With These 21 Fashion Pieces (2024)
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